Thumbs Up for Thinking Maps!

Here are some of the Thinking Maps that we created in class over the past three weeks.

First is a Tree Map that we used to show our 5 senses.

Next, here is a Bridge Map we made while reading the book Whose Baby Am I?

The map is read like this:  A baby panda is a cub, as a baby giraffe is a calf, as a baby penguin is a chick, etc.

I was happy to find a great website for book resources where I found printable pictures for this book.

I also used the pictures to create flannel board pieces.  I attached a small square of the rough side of velcro to the back of the pieces and they easily stick to the black flannel board.  The students can match up the animal mom to the animal baby.

And finally, a Circle Map showing what we do together with our families.

I created a writing activity to go with this map.  I had the students choose 3 activities from the circle map that they do with their families.  They drew the pictures and then wrote a word (or traced my highlighter writing) that matched each picture.

I just posted the template for "What My Family Does Together" in my FREEBIES tab.
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  1. I love this Five Senses tree map! Your blog is great!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. It is good to see that "thinking maps" are still being used... GREAT AWESOME Job !!!!

  3. Can you email me template of the writing project for what my family does together please?

  4. Hi could you please email me the template of the writing project for what my family does together? that would be so appreciated!

  5. Can I possibly have the template for the family writing project? My email is Thank you so much!!!!!

  6. Could I have the writing template for "what my family does together"? BTW!! I love using Thinking Maps!!
    Thanks so much