Constitution Day!

We had fun learning about the Constitution today!  I found these ideas on Pinterest!

We began by making tricorn hats with "powdered" hair.  I prepped the materials by cutting blue construction paper into the hat shape, and by cutting white construction paper into strips.

 I stapled 2 sides of the hat together.

 The students curled the white paper strips and then glued them onto the hat.

Finally I put the hat around the student's head and stapled it in front to fit.

Then I got the "marker quills" ready!  I simply taped a large feather to a few markers.  I purchased the feathers at Michaels.  I saw this idea from A Place Called Kindergarten.

I wrote our classroom constitution on some chart paper after ripping the edges.  After reading our constitution and talking a bit about the US Constitution, we all put on our hats and began signing, just like James Madison and George Washington!

And here is our finished classroom constitution!  I modeled my version after one that I found at Howywood Kindergarten.

This was so exciting for the kids!  Who knew that learning about the Constitution could be such fun?!?!
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