... and Brains ...

I am always thinking of new and exciting ideas to keep the interest level high in the classroom.  A new gimmick or technique keeps the students engaged in their learning.  The classroom is continuously evolving. 

As I was driving to school one day, I heard the jock on the radio talking about a Brain Buffet.  It got my wheels turning, and I thought it might be a fun name for our literacy and/or math work stations.  I mean, we have a variety (buffet) of learning centers that are great for our brains!

Well ... I googled "Brain Buffet" and found that it is the name of a bizarre video game in which you are a zombie searching for brains to consume!  Not what I wanted for our classroom...

So I thought a little more and came up with this idea!!!

So now we have our Brain Building Buffet time each morning!  The kids love the name and the centers!

Build Your Brain,

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We had an exciting visit last week from the CA Mobile Dairy Classroom! Most (if not all) of the students in my class had never seen a live cow before, so it was a great experience for them.

Since we are just beginning to learn about the 5 food groups, I did a little pre-teaching of the Dairy group. 

We read The Milk Makers by Gail Gibbons and did a class pictograph of our favorite dairy product.  No surprise that ICE CREAM was the winner!

And then the cow came!!!

Actually the cow AND a calf came!!!  Clara and Oreo!!!

We learned all about dairy cows and back in the classroom we worked on labeling some of the parts of a dairy cow.

I added the cow labeling sheet as a FREEBIE for you!

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Ten - Eleven - Twelve

10-11-12...  You might think that I am counting (I teach Kinder after all), but I am actually just writing the date today. Pretty cool.

   10-11-12...  The day that I wrote the first post on my new blog!

   Come back soon and check out all the adventures going on in Kindergarten Room 13!

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