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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Welcome to our room!

The new school year is about to begin for many teachers!  You may be hosting a Meet the Teacher or a Back to School event at your school and maybe you want to give a little treat to welcome the kiddos into your class!

alphabet cookies with chicka chicka boom boom welcome tag

I created this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Welcome Tag FREEBIE a few years ago and I love to use it every year!

Grab your cookies! I have used Cinnamon Schoolbook cookies from Trader Joe's, as well as Alphabet cookies from Walmart.

cinnamon schoolbook cookies walmart alphabet cookies

The labels have a section where you can type your name to personalize it. 

Then go ahead and print them.  You can print these labels in color, or in black and white.

Attach to your cookies and get ready for some excited students!

bag of walmart alphabet cookies with class welcome tag

trader joes schoolbook cookies with class welcome tag

Your students will love getting a sweet treat as a welcome to their new classroom!

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