Giveaways Galore!

There are 2 more giveaways that I would love for you to check out!

The first giveaway is being hosted by Amy at Happy Teacher Heaven.  She is having her 100 follower giveaway.  So many awesome items to win!

For this giveaway, I donated my Tide Pool Creatures product.  It contains an emergent reader {teacher and student versions} and a write the room activity.  It is in Giveaway 2 bundle.

And another giveaway!

Marcy at Saddle Up for 2nd Grade is also having a 100 follower giveaway.  There are 4 different sets of prizes to win, organized by grade level.

I donated my interactive reader A Walk on the Farm which helps teach directional words.  It's in the K-1st grade prize package.  The students make a character with their photo that they can move throughout the book to act out the words.

Go Enter Now!
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Do You Love Clip Art and Fonts?

I absolutely love them!  I am building quite a collection and I can always use more ;) !!

Tori's Teacher Tips has reached 600 followers and is having a huge giveaway!  So many talented artists have donated their clip art and fonts.

Click on the picture above to hop over to her blog and enter.

Good luck,

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Happy Spring! {and a freebie}

We are 2 days away from officially starting our Spring Break!!!  I think everyone is ready for a week off.  The noise level in my room is elevating and so is my blood pressure!

We just finished up our quarterly math assessment yesterday and I promised the class that we would do a rabbit and duck craft when the testing was done. 

So I took a deep breath and we got busy!

First we colored and cut out the rabbit.  And then added a cotton ball for the tail.  (not in this picture)

Then we colored and cut out the duck.

We glued the two sides together with a large craft stick in the middle. Then we read the cute little poem on each side.

The kids loved making this and were so excited to take it home!  One of my students found a great use for the finished craft.  She said that she could use it for her church fan!

Yay for Spring,
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So Cal Blogger Meet Up!

It's almost time to meet some fantastic bloggers from the Southern California area. When I stumbled upon the information for this event, I knew I had to be there!

I have only been blogging for about 6 months, and I can't wait to have some face-to-face time with other So. Cal. bloggers!

If you would like to join the festivities, head over to Teacher to the Core and sign up!

Then be sure to visit Second Grade Sparkle to link up that you will be attending!

This will be a great way to kick off my Spring Break!

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Giveaway at Heather's Heart

Just wanted you all to know that there is Spring Blessings Giveaway going on now at Heather's Heart.  Heather was the first person to ever comment on my blog!!

She is giving away a $50 Target gift card and a $25 TpT gift card. Head over there and enter!

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It's a Popcorn Blizzard in So Cal!

Ok, so it's not really a blizzard, especially here in sunny Southern California, but we did read a tall tale called "Paul Bunyan and the Popcorn Blizzard!"

It tells the story of Paul and how he grew to the size of a 10 year old in just one short month!  The tale also tells how Paul heard the sound of a baby animal crying in a snowdrift, so he dug in the snow and discovered an ox that had turned blue from the cold!  Paul named him Babe and they became best friends.

And during one particularly hot summer, the ears of corn got so hot that the corn began to POP, right off the plant.  The popcorn began falling all over and the lumberjacks were fooled into thinking that it was a blizzard.  They put on their coats, scarves, and mittens and played in the snow - I mean popcorn!

To begin our writing activity, we completed a circle map describing some of the things we could do in a popcorn blizzard.

We then had a Think-Pair-Share.  The students thought about, and then talked about what they would like to do in a popcorn blizzard.  We used the sentence frame "I would..."

Then the students drew their pictures, wrote their sentences, and glued some popcorn on the paper for a real POPCORN BLIZZARD!

"I would make a popcorn star!"

"I would make a snow angel!"

"I would make a snowman!"

"I would slide down a snow hill!"

"I would eat popcorn."

 Head over to Keeping Life Creative to read about more story-related activities, and you can link up your own activities too.

It's Tell Me a Tale Tuesday!!!
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