The Science of Coconuts in Your Kindergarten Classroom

Explore coconut seeds with your Kindergarteners!  

Kids are innately interested in nature and the world around them.  Investigate coconuts and learn what they are all about!

We have been busy learning about all kinds of seeds.  Large seeds, small seeds, fruit seeds, vegetable seeds, and flower seeds. 

The science of coconut seeds. Exploring and investigating coconuts in Kindergarten.

Today we spent the last part of the day exploring coconut seeds.  I brought in a coconut, some bottled coconut water, and lots of tools to crack the coconut open and to cut up the coconut meat.

We began by passing around the coconut.  We touched it and shook it. Then we drew a picture of what the outside of the coconut looked like.

Then we predicted what the coconut would do when it was put in a container of water.  Would it sink or float?  Next, we headed outside to see what would happen.

Yes, it floated!!!  We recorded the results.

Then I poked a hole in the coconut and drained out the coconut water. Since the water that I drained out of the coconut was full of bits of the coconut shell, we tasted the bottle coconut water instead.

Then I hit and hit and hit the coconut with a hammer.  Finally, it cracked open.  Then we drew a picture of what the inside of the coconut looked like.

Last we tasted a small piece of coconut meat!  Everyone really enjoyed exploring coconuts!

I just added the Coconut Science sheet to my freebies. 

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