Fish Faces!

We read Fish Faces this week and I wanted to share a fun writing activity that we did.  Cute fish books!

We began by reading this great book!  Fish Faces contains wonderful photographs of all sorts of fish.  My students were fascinated {and even a little grossed out} by the photos!

We used a tree map to organize the information we learned from the book.  I organized the map so that it would be easier for my students to create sentences about fish.

I made the little fish books by stapling construction paper around 3 pieces of lined paper, and then traced and cut the fish shape.  I used 3 pieces of paper so that the kids could write one sentence from each column of the tree map, one sentence per page.

Here are some of the sentences.

I can't wait to hang these up around the room!
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Even More Sunflowers!

Each year we read Sunflower House by Eve Bunting as part of our reading curriculum.

This year I supplemented the reading with a fun sunflower craft and writing.

We started the sunflowers by painting the outside portion of a paper plate yellow.

Then the inside area was painted brown.

After the paint dried (the next day) we cut straight lines into the yellow portion of the plate. 

With a brown or black crayon we drew a hashtag pattern in the middle of the sunflower.  And then glued on a few real sunflower seeds.

Every year we create a bubble map to describe a sunflower - using the vocabulary from the book. Here is an example from last year.

Then we created sentences descibing the sunflowers using the sentence frame "Sunflowers are..."

Here are some of the finished products.

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The Measuring Inchworm

I just posted my latest interactive book, which is perfect for springtime in your classroom!

This book coordinates wonderfully with Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni.

My interactive books are such fun for students!  They LOVE moving the main character (inchworm) onto each page of the book as they retell the story.

You can find The Measuring Inchworm in my TpT store {HERE}
All of my interactive books are {HERE}

Here is a little flipgram that I made!  Enjoy!

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