Garden Harvest

We planted our school garden 2 months ago and we were able to harvest some of the vegetables this week!

The Kitchen Community, the fabulous organization that provided our learning garden, came out to talk about our garden and help us harvest some of the wonderful food that we have grown!  They also showed up with lots of new plants for our summer garden!

Here are some of my students digging for treasure!  They didn't know what was growing underground and were so excited when they found the red potatoes!

Here is our haul!

I took them home, scrubbed them, and boiled them.  Then we got to taste them!

Ready for tasting!

We also completed a graph!

We were able to plant all sorts of veggies, herbs, and fruit that will be great for our summer garden!

 Sensory herb garden

 Corn and green beans

Cucumber and kohlrabi 

Tomato and peppers

View of the garden from my classroom door

Can't wait for that summer harvest!
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Memorial Day Blog Hop

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!  So excited to be a part of the Memorial Day Blog Hop with a fabulous group of bloggers/educators!

***The Memorial Day Blog Hop has now ended***

Whether you are taking in a parade this weekend, attending a BBQ, or just relaxing, be sure to spend a few moments remembering those men and women who died while serving our country.

I have a math freebie for you today, Make 10 with Little Birdie!  It will only be free during the blog hop 5/24/14-5/26/14.

 You will need to add your own manipulatives.
We like using the counters that are red on one side and yellow on the other.

  Students pick a number card and place it on the mat.
Then they place the same number of counters on the ten frame.

Students fill in the rest of the ten frame with different color counters.
They count those and write the number in the space.

Students can then read the number sentence to their partner
and/or record the sentence on a recording sheet.

Hope you enjoy this!  Just click on the thumbnail below to find it in my store!

Now head over to Teaching Momster to see what Krista has for you!

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We recently read the book, Sometimes I'm Bombaloo by Rachel Vail.  This book is about a girl named Katie who occasionally get upset and has tantrums.  During the tantrums Katie is Bombaloo.

After reading the book, we discussed things that get us upset or angry.  Then the kids created these great pictures from construction paper, markers, and crayons.

This is what they look like when they are BOMBALOO!

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