Close Reading and Text Dependent Questions

I am diving in head first and working on close reading and text dependent questions with my Kinders.  This week during our Families unit, we read Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats.
Peter's Chair
During our close read, we worked on examining Peter's feelings.

At the beginning of the story, how was he feeling about having a new sister in his family?  What evidence in the text did we find?
-He was mad because all his stuff got painted pink.
-He wanted to play, but his mom told him to be quiet.
-He ran away.

At the end of the story, had Peter's feelings changed?  What evidence did we find?
-He came back inside the house.
-He joked around and tricked his mom.
-He wanted to paint his chair pink for his sister.

We created a class flow map to show how Peter was feeling at the beginning and the end of the story and we added drawings of our evidence.

I am "guiding" the students a lot during these lessons, but I know that in a few months they will be pros at using evidence from the text to support their answers!

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