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Year Round Resources - Meet the Number Friends 0-20!

Today I am highlighting a great product that can be found in the Educents bundle Year Round Resources from Top Teachers.

Last week (before all of the Thanksgiving craziness), we had a chance to use Meet the Number Friends (0-20) created by Andrea Crawford.

My Kinders are close to mastering their numbers 1-20, but are really having trouble with number words!  So I printed out this packet, and we got to work! I decided to focus on number words zero through five to start with.

We began by learning the cute number word chants that are included.  The students loved these!  We chanted and chanted and chanted!

Then each of the kids colored their number words booklet.

Then the kiddos got with a partner and played matching games, matching the numbers to the number words.

This packet is full of a lot more materials for learning numbers words 0-20! We love it and I know you will love it too!

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Year Round Resources from Top Teachers! Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!

I want to tell you about an awesome bundle for 1st-2nd grades from Educents.  It includes tons of bestsellers from top teachers AND the resources can be used year round.  You will definitely want to check it out!

I know you will love my CVC Words {medial a} packet.  This product focuses on CVC words with the short a sound.  Words included are:  cat, bat, hat, rat, pan, fan, man, nap, map, bag, cab, jam.
Your learners will enjoy all of the activities such as roll-read-write CVC words, write the room, magnet letter or letter tile spelling, matching picture to words, and more!

Also included are practice sheet printables - trace, write, build, glue, and read.

There are many other products in our bundle to get your kids learning!  
Centers, printables, vocabulary, book studies, interactive notebooking and so much more!

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How Do You Like Them Sweet Potatoes?!?!

This week we read Our Special Sweet Potato Pie by Andrea Davis Pinkney.

Here is the story map we created.

Then the kids had fun dreaming up different ways to catch a rolling sweet potato!

We also made some cute little turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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More Apples!

The current theme in our reading program is Food.  Last week we read Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington.

It is a very simple story about Annie who has an apple farm.  Annie picks and sorts apples.  She makes all sorts of thing with apples.  Then she sell her apple products at the farmers' market in the city.

We created a story map about the book.

We also made a circle map showing foods that are made from apples. 

And we made applesauce AGAIN in the slow cooker!  My kiddos can't get enough of this!

Today we created sentences to answer the question - What does Annie do with apples?

I recorded their answers in a predictable chart with the sentence frame - Annie __________.

They copied their sentences and illustrated.

More food plans for the rest of the week!  Yay!
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1000 Facebook Fans Freebie

Super excited to have reached 1,000 fans on the Sommer Pride Facebook page!

**This freebie is now over.  You can find the full product Measure Your Meal in my TpT store.**

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Thanks to all my fantastic fans!
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The latest theme in our room is Transportation.  Here are some of the things we have been doing.

Here is a Tree Map that we made.  We put different types of transportation into categories - on land, on water, and in the air.

Students changed the picture of the transportation and read the sentence.

Some sentence writing and illustrations.

We will be starting our FOOD theme next week!
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November Turkeys!

Yesterday we worked on creating our monthly calendars.  This time it was November.

I had the students complete a directed drawing of a turkey {here} to decorate the top of the calendar, and they came out soooo cute, I just had to share!

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