Halloween Zombie Tags

It's Halloween!!!  What did the zombies say to the teachers???

The zombies encouraged the teachers to "Keep Growing Brains!"   HAHAHA!

While shopping in the Halloween section at Target, I found a huge bag of Sour Patch Zombie Kids!  It got my creative juices flowing and I came up with these cute zombie tags to attach to the candy.

I made a version for my teaching colleagues and a version for my students.

For teaching colleagues

For my students

They are available in color and b/w and in 2 different sizes.

Click below to grab your FREE tags!

Here I am in my Little Red Riding Hood costume!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Pasta Graphing

During my latest trip to Cost Plus World Market, I found this fun Halloween pasta and immediately knew that it would be perfect for a graphing activity!

I gave each student a small Dixie cup with some pasta.  The students sorted the pasta and then counted how many they had of each shape.

Then they colored in their graphing sheets to match the amounts they had.

The kids also figured out which shape they had the most of and which shape they had the least of and drew a picture of those shapes on their recording sheet.

Click on the picture below to pick up the recording sheet for FREE!

Happy Halloween!
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Jack-o'-lantern Counting Mathtivity

The fall weather is slow to come to Southern California, but I am still having a great time completing fall projects with my kindergarten students!

Last week we made these fun jack-o'-lanterns and they look fantastic on my math bulletin board!

I copied the jack-o'-lantern onto orange construction paper.  Then the students colored the stem brown and the leaf green.

They decided how many teeth they wanted for their jack-o'-lantern.  I used dry white beans for the teeth!

They counted out the beans that they wanted to use and then glued them onto the mouth area.

Then they wrote the correct number to complete the sentence.

After drying overnight, I cut around the pumpkin and the sentence, and put them up on the bulletin board.  My room is really starting to look like fall!

You can find this activity in my TpT store.

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