Back-To-School Product Swap

I'm teaming up with a group of bloggers for a Back-To-School product swap. Cara from Creative Playground has coordinated this fun hop so that you can learn about some TpT sellers and their fabulous products.

I am sharing a product from Mrs. Martin Learns.  She teaches 7th grade special education, and has 3 young children of her own.  She enjoys creating educational products for all ages!

Her product is called, Alphabet Phonics Posters and Cards with Augmented Reality.  Augmented reality?!?!  You might not know what that is!!! I know that I didn't!  Keep on reading and you can learn all about it!

Augmented reality is a great supplement to your classroom curriculum.  These alphabet picture cards are embedded with "markers" that, when scanned by a device (such as a tablet or smartphone), provide information about letters of the alphabet in a video format.

If you are looking for more activities to use with your classroom technology, you should give this a try!  It will keep your students engaged while they learn about letters!

This works perfectly for your little learners - Pre-K through 1st grade, basically any students who need reinforcement of letters, letter sounds, and/or letter formation.

Prep your devices by downloading the FREE Aurasma app and then following the Mrs. Martin Learns channel.

Next print out the alphabet cards and you are ready to go!

Students access the Aurasma app and then hold the device over a picture card. The picture then appears to come alive as the animal says the letter name and the letter sound. Then the letter is traced - showing correct letter formation.  Next a short little video is shown focusing on the letter from the picture card.

I have created a little video for you so you can see how this works!  It's really AWESOME!!!  The product is...not my video!!!  Sorry about the quality :(

Head over to her TpT store to find this terrific product!!!  And it is on sale for 50% off through Sunday!

And you can read about my product, Circle Sorts, on her blog HERE!

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Back-To-School Blow Out Sale at Educents!

It's just about time for us all to head back to school!  Time to decorate our classrooms, time to organize our lessons, and time to work on our classroom management!

Ryan has a compliment for you!!!



 I am so excited to announce that is having a HUGE back-to-school blowout sale and I am going to be featured in one of the curriculum bundles! From July 30 - August 2 (Wednesday - Saturday), they are bringing back all of their favorite and most popular bundles for INSTANT download at up to 77% OFF! There is something for everyone and it is their BIGGEST sale of the year! Take a peak into what is on sale! Tell your friends, because there is something for everyone who teaches children in PreK-8th grade!

Management, Decor & Organization Bundle - 76% OFF


The Management, Decor, and Organization Bundle includes one of my favorite products for classroom management - Pizza Pan Praise {popcorn}!

You make a chart out of a metal pizza pan and hang it on your whiteboard or classroom wall.  Simply add a piece of popcorn each time your students are on task and following directions.  When all the pieces of popcorn have been "earned", the whole class can celebrate!!!

I use it as my main behavior management tool, but you can also use it when your class is trying to earn a party or a special priviledge!

And of course there are lots of other great products in this bundle to get your classroom organized for the new school year!

Management, Decor & Organization Bundle - 76% OFF

There are also some other bundles that might interest you!

Preschool Full-Year Curriculum Bundle - 72% OFF


Kindergarten Full-Year Curriculum Bundle - 75% OFF


K-2 The Write Stuff ELA Bundle - 68% OFF


First Grade Literacy Bundle - 74% OFF


School Year Curriculum Bundle (Grades 2-3) - 74% OFF


Poetry Curriculum & Activities Bundle (Grades 2-6) - 75% OFF


Tricky Math Curriculum Bundle (Grades 3-5) - 69% OFF


Complete Full-Year Curriculum Bundle (Grades 6-8) - 77% OFF

Don't Miss It!

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Monday Made It! {Fancy Magnetic Whiteboards, Herbs, and Quilt Blocks}

I am loving this summer!  I have been finishing up tons of projects!  And it is time again for my latest reveal! That's right!  I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics!

Last week I read about a MMI from Jackie at Pocket of Preschool.  She made student chalkboards out of trays from Dollar Tree.

I wanted to create a similar idea, except use dry erase sheets.  This way the students can use them as a whiteboard when they meet with me for small group instruction.  I have seen some teachers use the dry erase circles permanently on their small group table.  That wasn't going to work for me, because my small group table also doubles as the breakfast buffet table each morning for our Breakfast in the Classroom.  I thought that individual whiteboards would be a perfect solution!

So I headed off to Dollar Tree and picked up 6 trays.

I also picked up a few packs of these dry erase sheets.  I found them at my local Jo-Ann's.

I traced the bottom of the tray onto the back side of the dry erase paper.  I cut them to the correct size and positioned them onto the silver tray.
All ready to go!  Students will get to use a fancy whiteboard when they meet with me!  As a bonus, these trays are magnetic too!

AND there's more ...
the Educents Back-to-School Blowout Sale is going on now!!  {7/30-8/2}  You can pick up a great deal on the Management, Decor, & Organization bundle! 

If you purchase this bundle for $10.99, you are entered to be ONE of 14 WINNERS of another amazing bundle of products!!!  After purchase, leave your invoice number and email in the comments below or message me on my facebook page!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!!!
I headed out to my patio to work on my next Monday Made It.  I wanted to create an herb pot.

I picked up some basil, chives, and rosemary at my local nursery.

Then I planted them in a pot that I already had.

Love this!  Can't wait to start cooking with my fresh herbs!

FYI - Mr. B can't stay out of the chives, and they are toxic to cats!  So my herb pot is out of his reach.  And my next week's MMI will be a pot of cat grass!

Here is my latest quilt update.

I finished 2 more blocks!

Block 1:

Here are all the pieces.

Halfway there.

And finished with the Double Star block!

Block 2:

Foundation paper piecing on this block.

Almost done.

And the Friendship Circle block is complete!

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Wordless Wednesday! {July 23}

I am linking up with Sugar and Spice for Christina's Wordless Wednesday linky!

It is time for me to start getting in school mode. :(  I just have a few more weeks of summer left!  

I am busy gathering and creating materials, so I can get my classroom ready!  I am thinking about what worked last year and what just wasn't that great!

Here is one of my positive behavior management displays.

What is your "go to" for behavior management?
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Fun with Gelatin!

Today I am blogging over at Who's Who and Who's New!

I have a fun discovery/sensory activity you can do with your own kids or your classroom kids!

Click over HERE and read all about it!!!
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Monday Made It! {School, Sweets, Sewing}

It's time for Monday Made It!  I'm linking up again with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.
Let's get started!!!

I made a school related project!  Yay!  The first of the summer!

Here is a scenario that happens monthly with me.  I find a paper in my teacher mailbox saying that it's time for me to choose my next student of the month, and turn in it by this Wednesday, thank you very much.  I think about who I should pick, and I try to find my list of students that I have already chosen, so I can pick a different student.  I can't find my list, so I put the paper on my desk and forget about it for a few more days.

Before I know it, it's Wednesday and someone is walking in my room, right in the middle of instruction, asking me for that student of the month paper. AHHHHHH!  I still don't know who I should choose!  So I find myself asking the students, "Who has been student of the month already?"

HELP!  I needed to get better organized!  So I decided to make a poster that will display all the students of the month for the entire year.  I thought that posting it in the classroom will be an incentive for my students to stay on task, in addition to reminding me who has been chosen.

I am planning on taking a picture of each of the students of the month and then posting them in each starred rectangle.

All ready to be laminated!

***Updated 5/2015 - I just added this to my TpT store.  Click above to go to see more.
Did you know that yesterday was National Ice Cream Day???

Well, look at this creation!!!  I made a volcano out of ice cream!

I found the picture in an old Family Fun magazine and thought it looked like fun!

Here is what you need to get started.

Ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate syrup, strawberries, and mint

Invert the ice cream carton upside down onto a plate.  It is easier if the ice cream is a little soft.  You can run warm water on the outside of the carton, which loosens the ice cream from the edge of the carton.

Use a spoon to shape the ice cream into a volcano shape.

Place chocolate cookies into a plastic bag and smash with a rolling pin to make crumbs.

Sprinkle cookie crumbs onto the ice cream and add chocolate syrup if desired.  Use strawberries to create a "lava flow".  Add mint sprigs.

And enjoy!!!
And here is my quilt update!

I made a few more blocks!

Modern Dresden Block

Ohio Star Block

You can see the other blocks that I have finished HERE
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