BEE Kind Puppet from Dollar Tree!

I had to drive over to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago.  One last time before school started!

I picked up a few items for some centers I am working on.  And I also spotted this adorable little bee puppet - it's really a bathmitt/washcloth.

I am really working on respectful behavior management in the classroom this year, so I thought I could use this guy for my BEE KIND basket.  I was just going to use the felt bee basket that I already had - it was my daughter's Easter basket from last year.  But the opportunity to use another puppet in the classroom just couldn't be passed up!

I printed up some labels with examples of kind behavior, attached them to jumbo craft sticks, and placed them in the basket.

Now each morning, Mr. Bee (puppet) visits the room and initiates a discussion about the KIND behavior the students have shown recently.  We also draw a new stick from the basket, read it, and act out the example.  I encourage them all to show kindness during the day by doing what it says on the stick.

You can find the labels {HERE}.

BEE Kind,
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  1. Very nice idea. Do you have a print out of what you place on the sticks?