2 Thinking Maps and Chester Raccoon

I have 9 days under my belt!!!  The Kinder team has been busy teaching rules and procedures, assessing with DIBELS, and comforting little ones! Ahh, the beginning of the year...

I wanted to share with you some of the activities that we worked on last week.  So here we go!

I introduced the kiddos to 2 types of Thinking Maps this week.  We read a story from our reading program, Hands Can.  We brainstormed some things that our hands can do and I recorded them on a Circle Map.

The students also completed a drawing activity on one thing that their hands can do.

I showed them another Thinking Map - the Bridge Map.  We recorded information about what our nose, ears, eyes, and legs do.

And of course we read The Kissing Hand and discussed our feelings about going to school.  I saw a cute activity on Pinterest which was only linked to a photo.  So I created a similar sheet which had students draw a picture showing how they were feeling on the first day of school.

We then made our own little Chester Raccoon face!  The kids loved doing this, and I think they came out perfect!  They will look great displayed around the room for Back to School Night next week.

I have added the Chester Raccoon craftivity as a FREEBIE!

Click above to grab it!
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  1. Thanks you for this cute idea for the "kissing Hand". I am going to use it with my pre-k class!

  2. I have used this freebie for the past two years and am looking forward to doing it again! It's perfect for the first or second day of school, and looks adorable when parents come for Back to School Night! Thank you! :)