Teacher Gift Labels {FREEBIE}

I am almost at the end of the school year, and I am ahead of the game!  Well, the teacher gift game that is!!!

I made these fun labels that are perfect to add to a lemon hand soap pump. 
I am giving these to all of my teacher friends, who are soooooo ready to start summer vacation!

But you can add this label to any lemon themed item.  How about a bottle of lemonade?  Or a bag of lemon flavored candy?  Perhaps a container of powdered lemonade mix?  Or even a pitcher full of fresh lemons?

**I included 4 different versions of the label - summer, break, year, and day.  Pick the one that works best for your gift!**

Click {HERE} to pick up the labels for FREE!  NOW EDITABLE!  {You can type your own name at the bottom}
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