More Sunflowers! {and a FREEBIE!}

The next story in our Treasures reading program was Sunflower House by Eve Bunting.

It is the story of a young boy who plants some sunflower seeds in a circular shape. He waters the seeds and scares away birds.  The sunflowers grow and eventually create a "house" for the boy to play in with his friends.  But at the end of the summer the flowers begin to droop and die.  At first the boy is sad, until he realizes that he can collect the seeds from the sunflowers and plant another sunflower house next spring.

After reading, we created a bubble map describing sunflowers.

And then the kids used the thinking map to create and write sentences.

We also worked on the sunflower life cycle with this cut and glue worksheet.  And you can grab it for free. Just click below!

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